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What smartphones are supported by the Sat-FI App?

Only Android and iOS phones can use the Sat-FI App.

How much does the Sat-Fi App cost?

The Sat-Fi App is free to download.  An Activation Code/Data Access Voucher will be required to send/receive email using the Sat-Fi App.

Where can I download the Sat-Fi Apps?

  • Google Play Store
  •  Apple Store

What Android model types are supported

All Android model types are supported as long as they are running Android version 4.1 or higher.

How do I activate the Sat-Fi App?

  • Step 1  You must have an Activation Code/Data Access Voucher to be able to send/receive email using the Sat-Fi app.  These can be purchased at (Satellite Phone Store)
  • Step 2  On your smartphone or computer connected to the Internet, proceed to the Sat-Fi Product Registration Page:  http://gstarreg.gmn-usa.com/. And complete the Product Registration Form.
  • Step  3  A Sat-Fi Product Registration  Status Page will appear, displaying the following:
    • Your email address (example:  jsmith@globalstarmail.com)
    • Your username (example:  jsmith)
    • Your password (example:  Gl0bal*)

    Additionally,  you will receive an email (delivered to your contact email address) with this product registration information.

Note: It may take up to 20 minutes to activate in the system.

Can I browse the Internet?

The Globalstar 9600 download speed is 9600kbps.  Even though this is the fastest data speeds in the industry for sending and receiving email, Internet browsing will be very slow unless the website is optimized for slower data  speeds.

Is Globalstar 9600 waterproof?


How do I get a Globalstar Activation Code-Data Access Voucher?

Each Globalstar 9600 comes with one Activation Code for the Sat-Fi App.  Additional Sat-Fi Data Access Vouchers can be purchased here:

Will clouds effect the reception?

No, these are LEO – Low Earth Orbit Satellites positioned at 800 miles above the Earth as compared to a Direct TV GEO – Geo-Synchronous Orbit Satellite positioned above 20,000 miles above the Earth….Buildings and other physical Terrestrial based structure or objects are the things that can block the signal.

Do You Have A Product Catalog?

Yes, you can download it here:


Product Catalog

Do I need to be connected to the Globalstar 9600 to write and read email?

You can write and read email without being connected to the Sat-Fi.  Your smartphone or other wireless device must be registered and connected to the Sat-Fi hotspot to send/receive email.